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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs the Abstract Vault?

Abstract Vault is a must for anyone who owns real estate.

Regardless of how long you intend to own your property, how old your abstract is, or when you last closed, you will need your Abstract of Title in the future.

Who is Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc.?

Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc., (Vanguard) has been providing real estate research and title services since 2002. As a full-service research and title insurance provider, Vanguard offers comprehensive real property research, title insurance products, and services throughout the State of New York. Visit our company site.

Does my abstract have to be last updated by Vanguard?

No. Abstract Vault was designed to provide a service for all. Regardless of what company updated your abstract or when you closed, you can store your Abstract of Title securely in Abstract Vault.

Do I have to use other services provided by Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc.?

No. While we value your business and look forward to serving you, you are never under any financial obligation when using Abstract Vault.

Is my information safe?

Servers and storage centers are located in the United States. Digital storage is entirely located in the United States and encrypted using AES-128 encryption.* Secure physical storage is maintained within Central New York in a facility operated and maintained by Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc.


Security measures are designed to protect personal information from accidental loss, disclosure, misuse, and destruction.


Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. adheres to a rigid privacy policy to ensure your information is protected.

What if Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. goes out of business?

Abstracts of Title stored within Abstract Vault are not the property of Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. (Vanguard). Should an event occur that renders Vanguard incapable of maintaining the vault, protocols are in place to return abstracts to their owners and/or representatives.

What if I lose my Certificate of Storage?

If you misplace your Certificate of Storage simply use the Abstract Locator service instead. Requests for locating Abstracts of Title always include checking the Abstract Vault.

Will my abstract always remain in the vault?

Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. will release Abstracts of Title to any individual or entity who can verify their roll in a pending transaction to the subject property, to the current property owner, or their designated representative at any time.

Abstracts removed from the vault are documented to include date removed and party delivered to.

How do I retrieve my Abstract of Title?

Each Abstract of Title submitted to the vault is issued a Certificate of Storage which includes all the information necessary to quickly retrieve your abstract.

No warranty or guarantee of information security is expressed or implied.
*Digital images of Abstracts of Title are the property of Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. and are intended to be utilized in the event of a disaster and the creation of a new abstract of title.

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